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The Immense Journey coming soon

Many Loren Eiseley fans first became acquainted with the naturalist and philosopher's writings through his iconic first book, The Immense Journey, first published in 1957. It is a fascinating book and helped established Eiseley's national reputation as a profound thinker and "modern shaman." 


Deb Derrick, a longtime member and former secretary of the Loren Eiseley Society, wrote a review of The Immense Journey. Here, to me, is one of her best descriptions of Eiseley and this first work:


Like the narrator of a play who observes the drama unfold from the sidelines, Eiseley observes the story of life unfolding throughout history, recounting some of it to us in his own story. "Forward and backward I have gone, and for me it has been an immense journey" (13). By the time we read these words we have come to realize that Eiseley is not just talking about his own life's journey. Eiseley's narrator is metaphor for the journey of all humankind through the vast dimension of time and space—a journey filled with perplexity, delight, and impermanence. Eiseley might refute that, if he were alive today. He claims he does not pretend to speak for anyone but himself.


Nebraska Book Source will be offering The Immense Journey for sale in the next few weeks, adding to our Eiseley collection. We hope you enjoy the read.



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Eiseley fans, rejoice

If you are a fan of the writings of Loren Eiseley, the noted nature writer, philosopher, and anthropologist, then you may enjoy the new book coming out this spring from the University of Nebraska Press, Artifacts and Illuminations: Critical Essays on Loren Eiseley. From the book's description: 

A native of Lincoln, Nebraska, Eiseley was a professor of anthropology and a prolific writer and poet who worked to bring an understanding of science to the general public, incorporating religion, philosophy, and science into his explorations of the human mind and the passage of time.
As a writer who bridged the sciences and the humanities, Eiseley is a challenge for scholars locked into rigid discplinary boundaries. "Artifacts and Illuminations," the first full-length collection of critical essays on the writing of Eiseley, situates his work in the genres of creative nonfiction and nature writing. The contributing scholars apply a variety of critical approaches, including ecocriticism and place-oriented studies ranging across prairie, urban, and international contexts. Contributors explore such diverse topics as Eiseley's use of anthropomorphism and Jungian concepts and examine how his work was informed by synecdoche. Long overdue, this collection demonstrates Eiseley's continuing relevance as both a skilled literary craftsman and a profound thinker about the human place in the natural world.

Having recently seen a presentation on the book, I'm very interested in reading this scholarly examination of Eiseley the writer.

Nebraska Book Source also carries other titles either by or related to Eiseley. Take a look under the Science & Nature or the Biography & Autobiography collections—or search for "Eiseley" in our search box.