Shipping for Christmas

If you're hoping to have your order arrive before Christmas, remember that USPS Media Mail (what we use) usually takes eight to twelve business days for delivery from the day of shipment. We recommend placing your order by December 5 (we would ship December 6) for orders to arrive by December 23. Orders placed after December 5 may not arrive in time.

Shipping rate update

We've updated our shipping rates to allow more flexibility for smaller orders. There is now a new rate for orders up to 5 pounds of $7.50, while orders between 5 and 10 pounds will remain at $10.00. For those of you who wish to order only that one special book, this means saving some money on shipping.

Welcome to the new Nebraska Book Source!

 We've been working hard to develop a new look for Nebraska Book Source, and we finally have the new store up and running.

New shipping method

Regular visitors may notice that our shipping method has changed from item-based shipping (shipping cost increases depending on the number of items you order) to weight-based shipping (shipping cost increases based on the accumulated weight of the items ordered). We're experimenting to see how the weight-based shipping cost compares to our shipping and packaging cost, so you may see some adjustment of the weight levels down the road. 

New, upgraded packaging

Along with the shipping change, we are making a significant change to our packaging. Most orders will now be shipped in double-wrapped B-flute corrugated cardboard, with the books themselves covered in plastic wrap to foil any potential moisture damage. This has slightly increased our postage and materials cost per shipment, but the added protection for the books as they go through the delivery process is a great benefit both to you and us.

For customers who are receiving orders in the new packaging (you'll know by the oblong size of the cardboard wrapper), let us know how it worked for your books: did they arrive OK? no bent corners? no moisture problems? We want to make sure that our new packaging passes the ultimate test and keeps your books safe.

New inventory

We have also increased the inventory of titles available on the store, and we will continue to add new titles. We are particularly pleased with the new selections for the Science Fiction & Fantasy collection, and we hope you enjoy them as well.

(There have been some interesting issues with book cover images and how they show up on the store. Bear with us as we work through the problem; it will be fixed shortly.)

Let us know what you think about the new store—email Suggestions are always welcome!